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Greatcell Solar Materials Pty Ltd was created in October 2018 as the spin-off of the Materials Division of Greatcell Solar, formerly Dyesol. For more than a decade, the team in Australia headed by Dr Yanek Hebting has been developing a large portfolio of high-quality materials for photovoltaic and electronic applications.

Greatcell Solar Materials manufactures and supplies the very best quality materials for energy systems applications. These include high-purity precursors for third-generation perovskite solar cells (PSC) and dye-sensitised solar cells (DSC), semi-conductors, charge transport materials and LED components. With more than 250 materials on offer, Greatcell Solar Materials provides the greatest range of precursors to photovoltaic and electronic scientists enabling innovative research and ground-breaking discoveries. Our superior materials are trusted by leading universities, research institutions and corporations around the world.

Greatcell Solar Materials is capable and ready for the industrialisation of DSC and PSC technologies. Greatcell Solar Materials is also aiming at providing materials for innovative and frontier perovskite applications such as optoelectronic, piezoelectric and ferroelectric devices, spintronics, transistors, catalysts and molecular switches.

Greatcell Solar Materials operations range from small scale synthesis to pilot scale development; we are capable of fulfilling small orders for individual projects or large orders for production scale initiatives. We welcome the opportunity to tailor products or product quantities to suit your needs practically and cost effectively.

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You can save time by placing your order online. We strive to provide our customers a positive online shopping experience. You can search our site if you know exactly what you are looking for or use different filters that will save you time and efforts. Alternatively, contact us at purchase@greatcellsolarmaterials.com to discuss your specific requirements.


We deliver our goods worldwide. All the materials are off the shelf and available with minimum turnaround, as we take pride in ensuring a cost-effective, fast and reliable delivery through a dedicated shipping carrier.


The team at Greatcell Solar Materials has in-depth know-how in manufacturing these products, generated in over 13 years of continuous operation. All our materials and products are exclusively manufactured in our Australian state-of-the-art facility. Our products undergo the most rigorous quality testing to provide the best performance and highest consistency.

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