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  1. Methylammonium iodide
    Methylammonium iodide

    Methylammonium Iodide (MAI; CAS Number: 14965-49-2) is the ...

    Starting at AUD$24.98

  2. Methylammonium bromide
    Methylammonium bromide

    Methylammonium Bromide (MABr; CAS Number: 6876-37-5) is a c...

    Starting at AUD$21.55

  3. Formamidinium iodide
    Formamidinium iodide

    Formamidinium Iodide (FAI; CAS Number 879643-71-7) is a per...

    Starting at AUD$60.25

  4. Formamidinium bromide
    Formamidinium bromide

    Formamidinium Bromide (FABr; CAS Number 146958-06-7) is a p...

    Starting at AUD$53.97

  5. Phenethylammonium iodide
    Phenethylammonium iodide

    2D layered perovskites formed by inserting bulky alkylammon...

    Starting at AUD$52.96

  6. Phenethylammonium bromide
    Phenethylammonium bromide

    Phenethylammonium bromide (PEABr; CAS Number: 53916-94-2) h...

    Starting at AUD$25.51

  7. n-Butylammonium iodide
    n-Butylammonium iodide

    n-butylammonium iodide (BAI; CAS Number 36945-08-1) is a po...

    Starting at AUD$47.53

  8. n-Butylammonium bromide
    n-Butylammonium bromide

    Recent research has found that aliphatic bulky alkylammoniu...

    Starting at AUD$28.08

  9. 18NR-T Transparent Titania Paste
    18NR-T Transparent Titania Paste

    For ultimate performance and consistent results, you can tr...

    Starting at AUD$74.30


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