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  1. Cyclohexylmethylammonium iodide
    Cyclohexylmethylammonium iodide

    Greatcell Solar Materials offers the greatest range of alky...

    Starting at AUD$122.66

  2. n-Propylammonium iodide
    n-Propylammonium iodide

    n-propylammonium iodide (PAI; CAS Number: 14488-45-0) is a ...

    Starting at AUD$46.70

  3. Propane-1,3-diammonium iodide
    Propane-1,3-diammonium iodide

    Propane‐1,3‐diammonium iodide (PDAI; CAS Number: 120675-53-...

    Starting at AUD$49.11

  4. Phenethylammonium iodide
    Phenethylammonium iodide

    Phenethylammonium iodide (PEAI; CAS Number: 151059-43-7) is...

    Starting at AUD$52.96

  5. n-Octylammonium Iodide
    n-Octylammonium Iodide

    The precursor n-octylammonium iodide (OAI; CAS Number: 6073...

    Starting at AUD$32.84

  6. n-Hexylammonium iodide
    n-Hexylammonium iodide

    n-hexylammonium iodide (CAS Number: 54285-91-5) is a precur...

    Starting at AUD$38.74

  7. Guanidinium iodide
    Guanidinium iodide

    Recent research has shown that substitution of A-site catio...

    Starting at AUD$32.57

  8. Ethylammonium iodide
    Ethylammonium iodide

    Ethylammonium iodide (EAI; CAS Number: 506-58-1) is an orga...

    Starting at AUD$35.16

  9. Ethane-1,2-diammonium iodide
    Ethane-1,2-diammonium iodide

    Ethane-1,2-diammonium iodide (CAS Number: 5700-49-2) is a d...

    Starting at AUD$74.80


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