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  1. Dimethylammonium iodide
    Dimethylammonium iodide

    Dimethylammonium Iodide (DMAI; CAS Number: 51066-74-1) is a...

    Starting at AUD$32.83

  2. Diethylammonium iodide
    Diethylammonium iodide

    Diethylammonium Iodide (DAI; CAS Number: 19833-78-4) is a p...

    Starting at AUD$25.02

  3. t-Butylammonium iodide
    t-Butylammonium iodide

    Greatcell Solar Materials iodide offer guaranteed performan...

    Starting at AUD$46.75

  4. n-Butylammonium iodide
    n-Butylammonium iodide

    n-butylammonium iodide (BAI; CAS Number 36945-08-1) is a po...

    Starting at AUD$47.97

  5. iso-Butylammonium iodide
    iso-Butylammonium iodide

    The organic halide salt, iso-butylammonium iodide (i-butyla...

    Starting at AUD$29.84

  6. Benzylammonium iodide
    Benzylammonium iodide

    Benzylammonium iodide (BnAI; BzAI; CAS Number: 45579-91-7) ...

    Starting at AUD$30.12

  7. 1,4-Benzene diammonium iodide
    1,4-Benzene diammonium iodide

    1,4-benzene diammonium iodide (BDI; CAS Number: 116469-02-4...

    Starting at AUD$49.25

  8. Pyridinium iodide
    Pyridinium iodide

    Pyridinium iodide (PyI; CAS Number: 18820-83-2) is an organ...

    Starting at AUD$30.37

  9. n-Dodecylammonium iodide
    n-Dodecylammonium iodide

    n-Dodecylammonium iodide (CAS Number: 34099-97-3) is an add...

    Starting at AUD$34.85


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